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How To Get Your Name Off A Car Loan After Divorce

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After we bought a house (the mortgage was in my name because. I’ve been able to pay off three credit cards, my car, and $1,300 in state taxes. I still have $1,200 in credit card debt to go, plus.

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In the latter, you then can pay off the loan in your name and he would then own the vehicle outright. If he does not cooperate, you can either keep paying for his car (which I can only assume you don’t want to do) or you can get help from law enforcement in reclaiming the vehicle from him.

Selling A House Before Mortgage Is Paid “Work a lifetime to pay off a house.. Whatever the real value is, I don't plan on ever selling because it is an income generating engine.. Given I'm sending my final mortgage payment amount in before 5/16/15, I should get some interest credit.

If she wants the vehicle she has to get your name off end of story, the problem is until the divorce is over and she has refinanced the auto you will have to keep an eye on the payments, pain in the butt, she will cry i need a car blah, blah in the end you have a right to have your named removed by her, or the vehicle sold. Report Abuse.

Lawyers.com > Discuss Your Legal Issue > Ask a Lawyer > Divorce > I’m divorcing and my name is on the loan to the wife’s car, how can I get my name off the loan? QUESTION. I’m divorcing and my name is on the loan to the wife’s car, how can I get my name off the loan?. Explain the situation to your divorce attorney and have this dealt with in.

 · Because it can be a significant debt, knowing how to remove a spouse from a car loan is imperative after Dallas divorce. If you are just considering a Dallas divorce right now and are researching things like how to remove a spouse from a car loan, then please read more about your future options on the Texas Divorce Lawyer FAQ page.

The lender will sell the car and send you a bill for the remaining balance after the sale, called a deficiency balance. You will have to pay that balance. Ignore the problem: The lender will still repossess the car and come after you for the deficiency balance.

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