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Divorce And Military Benefits

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If you currently serve in the armed forces or are retired from military service, the division of your military pension is often complex concern in your divorce settlement. Although the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) doesn’t give your former spouse any of your pension, it does allow state courts to divide this pension based on their own family laws.

Continued Military Benefits Many issues come about when a service member and his or her spouse make the decision to dissolve their marriage. One of the primary concerns both parties have in a divorce pertains to the benefits that they are eligible for even after the divorce.

 · With the complexities of military divorce, it’s important to speak with a qualified and experienced military divorce attorney. Fortunately, the QDRO Masters at the Willick Law Group have the expertise and experience to handle your military divorce and division of retirement benefits.

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In this circumstance, the military spouse is entitled to full military medical benefits (so long as they do not remarry during or enroll in an employer-sponsored health insurance plan) only for a transitional period and thereafter the spouse may purchase a DOD-negotiated conversion health policy.

The rule was (things might have changed), married 20 yrs., a veteran 20 yrs. and (I can’t remember the other 20), and the divorced spouse cannot be remarried. She is entitled to commissary and Tricare (health benefits). Whoever was her divorce attorney did not do.

A reader wrote in asking about the division of military retirement in a divorce. I have edited this email to remove. who thoroughly understand all the many nuances of military benefits and how they.

 · Military retirement benefits are perhaps the most important part of any military divorce, and are usually the largest single marital asset in a military marriage. There are complex rules governing what benefits are available during life and upon death, how they can be divided, and how they can be protected or lost.

. help balance those while also ensuring that your rights are protected and that you understand any benefits that may be due to you as a divorced military spouse. Q: Does a divorce lawyer need to.

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